"In this gorgeously-animated, experimental meditation on existential questions, the young filmmaker explores the significance of love in an unspecified future with his first film at the University of Pennsylvania." - Short of the Week

"It’s difficult to pinpoint what stands out the most about Dennis’ short. While the animation is breathtakingly gorgeous, the story, which follows two robots who experience deep and human–like love as their world threatens to crumble around them, is poignant in all of the right ways." - 34th Street Magazine

"In another filmmaker's hands, the story may have been an old hat. But in this filmmaker's craft, what emerges is a meticulously crafted, well thought-out narrative that is engaging and beautiful to look at." - On "Elliot", San Francisco International Film Festival

"Like a rhythmic poem or a finely crafted classical tune, "ei: emotional intelligence" relaxes its viewers through its narration - covering a wide spectrum of thoughts and feelings along the way." - IndieStreet

Featured on The Bureau of Creative WorksDigg.comIAMAGio9 Gizmodo, LesterbanksYOMYOMF, Denkafabrik ("ei" and "Elliot")

Awards / Recognitions

Short of the Week (September 13, 2016)

Vimeo Staff Pick (August 2016)

Featured on Omeleto (March 2017), DUST Sci-Fi (August 2017)

Audience Award (Reel Animation) - National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY), "ei: emotional intelligence" (2017), "Elliot" (2016)

Golden Gate Award for Youth Work - San Francisco International Film Festival (2016)

Winner: Special Award - NAVER Web Animation Challenge (2015)

Nomination for Best Animation - Oakland Short Film Festival (2019)

First Place - Penn Film Festival (presented by the Penn UME Club) (2017)

First Place - Penn Student Film Festival (2017), (2016)

Best Picture - 4th/5th Annual Blair Academy Film Festival (2014), (2015)

Best Editing - 3rd Annual Blair Academy Film Festival (2013)

Official Selections

San Francisco International Film Festival (2016)

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival (2016)

Reel Bucknell Student Film Festival (2016)

All American High School Film Festival (2015)

Orlando Film Festival (2015)

Mill Valley Film Festival (2015)

Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2018)

FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival (2018)

DC Independent Film Festival (2017)

Boston Science Fiction Film Festival (2017)

National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) (2017), (2016)

CineYouth - Chicago International Film Festival (2017)

Penn Student Film Festival (2017), (2016)